Luísa Caiano

Born in Porto, she began studying the piano at Curso de Música Silva Monteiro under Teresa Matos and Conceição Caiano at the age of 5, and later under Professor Constantin Sandu.

She has taken part in piano masterclasses with Constantin Sandu, Constantin Nitu, Laura Richaud, Nelson Delle-Vigne, Filipe Pinto Ribeiro and François Chaplin and in chamber music masterclasses with Ludovico Tramma and Fiammetta Facchini.

Her concerts have been focused on chamber music, in a variety of formations.

In 2006, she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Musical Education - piano at the Portuguese Catholic University School of the Arts under Serghei Covalenco and Filipe Pinto Ribeiro.

She also completed her Master's Degree in Music Teaching there in 2009, under the guidance of Professor Daniela Coimbra.

She is now doing her postgraduate degree in Creative Industry management at the Porto Catholic University. She teaches the piano at Curso de Música Silva Monteiro, where she is also on the Board.

Rua Guerra Junqueiro, 455
4150-389 Porto

T. (+351) 22 600 21 50