“Curso de Música Silva Monteiro” (CMSM) organizes the 19th edition of the Santa Cecilia International Competition and SCIC JUNIOR, taking place from 17th July until 23rd July , 2017. The main category of the competition is open to participants up to 32 years old and the categories from the Santa Cecilia Internacional Competition JUNIOR are open for young participants between 6 and 18 years old. This year's competition is dedicated to Piano. The Final Round of the main category will be accompanied by the orchestra “Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa.”



The participants will be performing in alphabetical order. Participants must respect the time allocated to them. To the participants will be given all the necessary support from the organizing committee. First prize winners from previous competitions are not eligible to enter the same class in which they won their prize.

Warning: Participants must use only original music sheets. The use of photocopies is considered illegal under the Code and Copyright Law 16/2008.



The piano rounds of the main category of the competition will be held in “Casa da Música” and the SCIC JUNIOR will take place in “Fundação Manuel António da Mota”.

The schedule of the performances, as well as the practicing times, will be posted on the competitions website on the 5th July 2017.

Participants must present themselves at the proper location 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of the competition and submit the Identification Card.

The repertoire should be played by memory.



Permission to make recordings of any kind (audio or video) must be previously submitted to consideration of the Competition Organizing Committee, who is entitled to deny the consent. Participants must submit the Identification Document and be prepared at all times to have it available for inspection by the organizing committee members. The participant's programme chosen at enrolment act cannot be changed afterwards.

All matters not covered in this regulation will be submitted to consideration by the Organizing Committee of this competition in charge of its analysis and solution.